Sunday, February 24, 2013


An October afternoon:
Wet and still,
under a broken umbrella.

Nobody cares
To ask why or to wonder,
And nobody dares
To snicker or smile.

I’ve learned
the men of this road
are hasty and impulsive,
selfish and cruel,
always wishing,
and waiting
to win.

So often I question
Why I bother to walk
On the road of
the so-called "life".

An October afternoon,
Wet and still,
I look up to the sky and smile.
Because I realize that
there is better side.
And that side is waiting
For me.

Here's to where life will bring each of us.

Monday, December 17, 2012

something i wrote when i was very, very tired.

i'm surprised with what i can actually do when i am lightheaded and a little sick.
there's a virus going around in school. i think i've caught a bit of it.
but because of my excessive intake of chocolate and sweets this season, i seem to be just fine.

i am, however, missing the beach.

here i lay
on a summer afternoon
almost memorizing
how crabs scamper,
the pull of the high tide,
the salty scent,
how my fingers fit into my sloppy hair and,
the flight of the wind 
because one day,
all of this will be gone.
this bliss.
this innocence.
this youth.
and here i lay
on a summer afternoon
wishing for
that might make me forget.
forget it all.
forget the waves and how they move.
forget the salty scent of an endless summer,
forget the wind and how it grazes through my disheveled hair.
because it might save me.
it just might help to forget.
so here i lay
on a summer afternoon,
mixed inside.
because i know,
that i will never fail
to remember.